~Last several months were really challenging to me. From nothing I have made the actual thing. It was very interesting process of searching for ideas and inspiration; making presentation and showing it to the audience; researching and reading loads of practical, theoretical articles and books; hand and digital drawing; learning the language if code, programming and prototyping; and finally, collecting together all the particles into the one working art piece.

At the very beginning I have chosen the metaphor theme and I followed it during the entire project time. As photographer Nenand Saljic said: “We live in the state of maya or illusion, as has been said by Dharmic religions – nothing that we see is how it is”.

I have found some absolutely fantastic artists that encouraged me to continue going on this way. Jason de Caires Taylor, who made amazing sculptures, which represent collaboration of man craft and nature. Marine life changes it according to its own rules and laws. Peter Lippmann with his photographs of men made vehicles swallowed by plants. Body art drawn by Jean Paul Bourdier, who literally makes people a part of the nature.

Also the theory supported my thoughts even more. As I supposed, a modern mankind is very alienated from nature. Confirmation for this topic I found in Marx’s work: “Every self-estrangement of man from himself and nature is manifested in the relationship he sets up between other men and himself and nature.”[1] During decades of production commodities, men created their own, so called, second nature. “In a physical sense man lives only from these natural products, whether in the form of nourishment, heating, clothing, shelter, etc.…Nature is man’s inorganic body, that is to say nature in so far as it is not the human body.”[2] As Lukács’ discovery concerns, second nature became even more important than original one. Man found himself further and further distanced from “first” nature.

However, at the last couple of years people started to turn back to the nature, mainly because the nature and ecological situation become worth and worth. It has very palpable impact on the human race.  Thus, people started to think “greenish” and care much more about our home, about a planet. In the art sphere appeared such amazing projects as installations by  Rob Mullholland, which are a stunning metaphor about the human presence on the planet. At the same time the Eden project reminds us about the fragility of nature.

Also the Buddhism theory returned me to me something more fundamental and eternal. It prescribes the practice of metta, ”loving-kindness” towards all creatures of all quarters without restriction. The open air, natural habitats and forest trees have a special fascination for the Eastern mind as symbols of spiritual freedom. The home life is regarded as a fetter (sambadha) that keeps man in bondage and misery. The Buddha and his disciples regarded natural beauty as a source of great joy and aesthetic satisfaction.

Thus, my project in the artistic way is the connection to the nature. It is a sort of reminder to people that we are a part of the nature and we have to care about it as much as we care about ourselves.

Advantages of my work I have done so far is the potential and the opportunity for the future development. It is beautifully drawn art piece and I am going to continue working on its realisation even after the actual deadline come.

Disadvantages mainly based on the technical part, such as coding and programming. I am going to extend my knowledge at this sphere and sometime later, hopefully, I will make it work properly~


1, 2. Marx, Karl.  Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts.  FromEarly Writings.  Translated by Rodney Livingstone and Gregor Benton.  (Penguin Books.  New York, NY: 1992). Pg. 331, 328.

“The Buddhist Attitude Towards Nature”, by Lily de Silva. Access to Insight, 5 June 2010, http://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/authors/desilva/attitude.html . Retrieved on 11 May 2013.


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